[rspec-users] [Cucumber] The User Story File

Josh Knowles joshknowles at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 20:53:17 EST 2008

On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 9:24 AM, aidy lewis <aidy.lewis at googlemail.com> wrote:
> The customer is not happy about writing Stories in a text editor.
> Has anyone else experienced this? Is anyone using a wiki, spreadsheet,
> or word document and automatically converting to a text file?

As Aslak mentioned there are lots of tools to come, but I just figured
I'd throw out there that at weplay we pair with our customers on the
initial generation of the feature files, once that is done we've given
them a GitHub account and both the Business Owner and our QA will go
in and tweak the feature files from within the GitHub web-based

Obviously we've had to build up a level of trust on both ends, and
this level of integration didn't come over night, but its nice to see
commits coming into the project from all members of the team (not just


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