[rspec-users] features and form filling - going declarative?

Jay Levitt lists-rspec at shopwatch.org
Fri Nov 7 14:44:45 EST 2008

Joseph Wilk wrote:
> Ben Mabley has written a great article on imperative vs declarative  
> steps [2] which is a great read.

+1!  That article was a real eye-opener to me.

But I keep realizing that, if you keep following the temptation to 
super-abstract your specs - from scenarios into matchers, and in other 
places - you end up reinventing Ruby.  Or AppleScript.  Or sendmail.cf.

It's like the XML-heavy "configuration files" in Java that Rails tries so 
hard to get away from; at some point, your code becomes a generic execution 
environment for your config file, which is now really the code, which you 
then refactor into meta-config files...

If you get too declarative, I think you make it impossible for end users to 
write stories; they can write them, sure, but they'll all require new step 
matchers, which will require actual coding.

I don't think it's actually a solvable problem - something, somewhere has to 
know how to fill in the form.  Either you do it in the scenario, where it 
gets repeated a lot, or you refactor it into the matcher, which requires 
enough programming ability to understand refactoring, abstraction, and 
function calls in the first place.

Jay Levitt

> [2] 
> http://www.benmabey.com/2008/05/19/imperative-vs-declarative-scenarios-in-user-stories/ 

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