[rspec-users] [Cucumber] The User Story File

Joseph Wilk josephwilk at joesniff.co.uk
Fri Nov 7 10:52:34 EST 2008

Ben Mabey wrote:
> Matt Wynne wrote:
>> Are you pairing with them? Can you not just drive and do the typing, 
>> asking them questions all the while to keep them engaged?
>> I think David is cooking something up (have a look at his blog) but 
>> it might be a while coming.
>> If you can find a Mac, the TextMate text editor has nice syntax 
>> highlighting (thanks to Ben Mabey) that make it look a bit prettier.
> You can now also get syntax highlighting in vim:
> http://github.com/bmabey/vim-cucumber/tree/master
> I would really like to see a non-technical stakeholder try to use vim. :)
> -Ben
I know its terribly 20th century but you could use a pen and paper :)

I've started doing this a lot more now we have a 21st century pen 

Joseph Wilk

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