[rspec-users] Parsing Variables from the RakeFile to spec_helper

Togetherne Togetherne lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Nov 6 04:52:24 EST 2008

Is this possible, i basically want to create a loop in my Rakefile which
updates a variable in my spec file with every run the variable is
something like:

  browser =  ENV['SELENIUM_RC_BROWSER'] || "*chrome"

in my spec_helper i have:

  def create_selenium_driver
    remote_control_server = ENV['SELENIUM_RC_HOST'] || "localhost"
    port = ENV['SELENIUM_RC_PORT'] || 4444
    browser = ENV['SELENIUM_RC_BROWSER']
    #browser = ENV['SELENIUM_RC_BROWSER'] || "*chrome"
    timeout = ENV['SELENIUM_RC_TIMEOUT'] || 200
    application_host = ENV['SELENIUM_APPLICATION_HOST'] || ""
    #application_port = ENV['SELENIUM_APPLICATION_PORT'] || ""

        @selenium_driver = Selenium::Client::Driver.new(
        remote_control_server, port, browser,
        "http://#{application_host}", timeout)


I basically want to change the browser variable in my RakeFile and parse
it to my spechelper so i can change it with every run.....any ideas?
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