[rspec-users] RSpec whines when I set the value of an object

Fernando Perez lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Nov 5 15:23:55 EST 2008

> Please make sure, when you ask a question, that you quote enough of
> the thread so that the readers can understand what you're asking.
Hmmm, I don't have this problem as I am using ruby-forum.com to browse 
threads, it is x100 times more readable with basic color highlighting. 
I'll do my best to include quotes for people who use regular mail 

So here is my controller code:
def index
  @items = Item.find_for_payment(session[:order_id], @site.id)
  @cart.amount = @items.sum { |item| item.price.to_i *
item.quantity.to_i }

And my spec:
  it "should display cart" do
    @items = []
    1.upto(2) do |i|
      @items << mock_model(Item, :id => i, :price => 10 * i, :quantity
=> i, :order_id => 1)


    @cart = mock_model(Order, :id => 1, :amount => 0, :tax => 0)

    Item.should_receive(:find_for_payment).with(1, 1).and_return(@items)
    @cart.amount.should eql(50)

    get :index

This throws the error: expected 50, got 0 (using .eql?)

As I said, I don't actually save the @cart object in DB, I just 
temporarily set its amount attribute so that it will print the value in 
the corresponding view. I am now wondering why RSpec doesn't see it is 
set to 50.
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