[rspec-users] Design Pattern proposal for better Rails development

Andrew Premdas apremdas at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 10:12:16 EST 2008

What you are suggesting here changing your api to make it easier to refactor
your api. Your trying to do this by

1) Generalising the descriptivness of the api
2) Reducing the number of calls to your api

Both of these are not particularly good ideas

1) Generalising your api, reduces it descriptivness and in sample you give
actually makes you api non descriptive. Instead of methods
find_if_purchased, you now have methods like find_for_index. What you've
done here is pollute the api for your model with stuff outside its concern
(namely the controller)

2) You actually want to increase the number of calls to your api. The more
it is called the more useful it is being, and the more thoroughly it is
being tested. If you have no calls, you would not even need to implement it.

As for solving the problem of refactoring api's quickly there are two
solutions to this

1)  Use your editors search and replace functionality
2)  Use your tests/specs/stories/features combined with your experience to
ensure you design a simple and clear api up front

Finally your examples were of a poor api, being refactored into a poorer
api. By increasing the number of parameters of your interface. you have
increased by a factor of 4 the number of possible parameter combinations you
have to deal with. Refactoring your unit test for this method should make
that ubundantly clear, and encourage you to change your api. In fact in this
case the method is in completely the wrong place what you should have is


Hope this helps

All best


2008/11/5 Fernando Perez <lists at ruby-forum.com>

> > Hmmm, could you make a helper module and mix that into all three
> > controllers?  Then there'd be just one place to change it.
> >
> Can you be more descriptive?
> Let's say I have:
> def show
>  Subscription.find_if_purchased
>  ...
> end
> def update
>  Subscription.find_if_purchased
>  ...
> end
> Now if I change the method name to find_if_subscribed in the model, then
> necessarily I will have to change it twice in my controller, well I
> could use a before_filter, but what if the method is also called in
> other controllers? That's the main problem. How would you do that?
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