[rspec-users] Better RSpec newbie documentation (was: Caboosers drop RSpec)

Bart Zonneveld zuperinfinite at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 11:45:25 EST 2008

On 4-nov-2008, at 17:20, Matt Wynne wrote:

> On 4 Nov 2008, at 16:09, Stephen Eley wrote:
>>> Pat, Ashley, David and Aslak give quite share of their time  
>>> answering
>>> those emails, do a search and you will find out.
>> That's not a replacement for good documentation.  You have to have a
>> certain grounding before you can even figure out where to go and what
>> questions to ask -- and I don't feel the most visible resources for
>> that grounding are as good as they could be.
> This is a point I've made before (and David has rightly pointed me  
> at the source of the rspec.info website), but I'm now so immersed  
> in RSpec myself I would find it hard to see the gaps in the  
> documentation, I think. Plus I'm lazy, and, y'know, busy at work.
> I almost wonder whether it would be worth ripping up the rspec.info  
> site and pointing everyone at the github wiki, then putting some  
> real effort into making that as good as it can be.

That would be a good idea. No more rspec.info and  
rspec.rubyforge.net, but just github and The Book. The Book would be  
nice.. Already have an empty slot reserved on my bookshelf ;)


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