[rspec-users] RailsExampleGroup

Yi Wen hayafirst at gmail.com
Fri May 23 16:35:40 EDT 2008

Well, I use this for driving selenium RC. So the approach I am using
is to setup some data, and then invoke selenium to interact with a
test server. Apparently the test server uses another connection. Would
you suggest a better way to handle this? It will be the same for doing
functional testing on web services. What's the "standard way" of doing


On 23 May 2008, at 19:53, Yi Wen wrote:

> It's not in the database. It looks to me the data is not actually
> inserted into the DB at all, just somehow buffered somewhere.

It's stored in a transaction, so the only place you can see the data
is from the same connection.  Make another connection (by
reconnecting) and you are protected from seeing that data.

Why do you want to see this intermediate state of the database from
another connection anyway?  It's an unusual thing to want to do.


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