[rspec-users] Story / Redirection to static html within public

Joseph Wilk lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu May 22 08:16:46 EDT 2008

With a rails application I'm trying to access the public/ folder from
within a rspec story.

I have a controller which redirects to:


I have a story written using webat.
This story uses the above controller and it expects the redirection.

This story always fails as within the story it cannot follow the
redirection (Always gives a 500 error). It does not seem to be able to
access any public/ content within the story.

Within step file of a story this always fails:
'get /index.html'
visits '/index.html'

I looked back at ActionController::IntegrationTest which seems to be
where RailsStory gets all its magic from. That lead me to believe that
perhaps this was a rails issue?

So I'm unsure if:

1. Accessing public/ within a story is just not supposed to be possible.
2. Accessing public/ within ActionController::IntegrationTest is not
suppose to be possible.

2. Rspec has a bug
3. Rails has a bug

Any ideas?

This is down on Rails 2.0.2.
Rspec GIT trunk

Joseph Wilk
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