[rspec-users] rspec version to use with git

Mark H. Wilkinson mhw+rspec at kremvax.net
Fri May 9 07:43:01 EDT 2008

I want to start using RSpec in an existing project that uses git for
SCM, and I was planning on using git submodules to pull in known-stable
releases of the rspec and rspec_on_rails plugins. The current
repositories on github don't seem to be set up to help with this at the
moment though, so I'm looking for some advice. Here're the issues, I
      * The last stable release is 1.1.3, but there's no tag in the git
        repository to indicate the revision that makes that release. I
        think the equivalent commit is
        11d7cc9d9a45c957f7a9215b41aa0b9c3d5c236b but...
      * The rspec.git repository for the last stable revision actually
        includes rspec (and rspec_on_rails) as subdirectories, so if you
        check them out as submodules in vendor/plugins the plugins
        themselves aren't in the right place (they finish up in
        and vendor/plugins/rspec/rspec_on_rails).

I can see that both of these issues will disappear when the first real
release from git happens, but in the meantime I feel a bit stuck. Is
there a specific revision of rspec.git (and rspec_on_rails.git) that is
actually pretty stable, or is master pretty stable and I could just pick
any revision and find it works fine?



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