[rspec-users] Can you use RSpec to test initializers?

Erik Pukinskis erik at snowedin.net
Tue May 6 16:03:37 EDT 2008

Hi there!

I'm trying to spec out some code that will set the smtp_settings in a
custom ActiveMailer object.  Basically I want to check that if my
configuration object has the right smtp_server, that the ActiveMailer
object gets set up correctly.  So, my spec looks like this:

  it "uses smtp server if config says so" do
      :address  => "smtp.postoffice.net",

    Mailer.smtp_settings[:address].should == "smtp.postoffice.net"

The trouble is, the code that sets the mailer settings is in an
initializer (config/initializers/mailer.rb) and it gets run long
before my spec gets run, and so it never encounters my mock.  Is there
any way I can get the initializer code to run inside my spec?

I know I could create a separate initialize method on my Mailer object
that has the initialization stuff, and call that method from both my
test and my initializer, but that seems less ideal than just calling
the initializer from the spec.

Any advice?  I can't find any information at all online about using
Rspec with initializers.

Thank you!


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