[rspec-users] Date comparisons

Jarkko Laine jarkko at jlaine.net
Mon May 5 04:12:43 EDT 2008

On 5.5.2008, at 11.02, Pat Maddox wrote:

> Yes, that was my first idea as well.  The Time class is a little
> fucked up in that
> < a, b = Time.now, Time.now
> < a == b     #=> false

That's definitely a gotcha but I wouldn't necessarily say it's fucked  
up. It's just that Time#now returns the current (exact) point of time,  
so running it successively on the same machine will by definition  
return different values (by a tiny margin but still).

The fact that the textual representation of the two look exactly the  
same certainly makes it confusing the first time get bitten by it,  
though :-)


Jarkko Laine

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