[rspec-users] TextMate language bindings/modes

Christopher Bailey chris at cobaltedge.com
Fri Jun 27 13:20:12 EDT 2008

I'm wondering if anyone has TextMate working really smoothly where it
properly sets the language binding for the given type of file, in
relation to Rails, RSpec, RSpec Plain Text Story, RSpec Story Runner,
and RSpec Story Steps files?  Mine seems to get confused easily, and
I'd like to figure out if there's a solid way to specify which binding
to use for what files, etc.?

Currently, it seems to detect the Plain Text Story files fine.  But,
it is not detecting steps files or the story runner files.  From what
I can tell, I've named these according to the usual rules.  e.g. for
steps files, I have them in .../stories/steps/theme_steps.rb for
example.  And for the plain text story and matching runner file, I
have .../stories/themes_story and .../stories/themes_story.rb.

Further, if I manually set a file to RSpec Story Runner, then after
that every .rb file I open will be that way.  It seems this is one of
the core problems - the ".rb" binding is greedy - whoever sets it last
sets it for everything, and anytime it changes, it changes for all.

Christopher Bailey
Cobalt Edge LLC

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