[rspec-users] MVC testing vs. models & Webrat+RailsStory?

Christopher Bailey chris at cobaltedge.com
Thu Jun 19 10:31:33 EDT 2008

I just read David Chelimsky's slides from RailsConf.  I was at
RailsConf, but was unable to attend the session.  The slides are
excellent, and I've recently become VERY interested in stories.  In
particular I'm a bit unhappy with regular view testing (even with the
easier notion of it in RSpec).  I was wondering what folks think about
testing the full stack these days, and any recommendations you have?

Specifically, I'm wondering, or contemplating, if I do unit tests for
my models, and then I use WebRat plus RailsStory, do I even need to
then do functional testing of my controllers and views?  I can see
that I might want to do some particular view testing that ensured
certain elements were on a page or something, but in terms of actually
testing the workings of my app/site, it seems model unit tests
combined with RailsStory+Webrat will do a pretty darn thorough job.  I
would then consider going to Selenium to test some of the detailed
JavaScript as needed.

Thoughts?  What am I missing, or what are the downsides of such an approach?

Christopher Bailey
Cobalt Edge LLC

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