[rspec-users] map.resources :foo_items, :as => :foo confusing my controller specs

Mike Mondragon mikemondragon at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 05:03:10 EDT 2008

I have following resource defined in my config/routes.rb (the model
name is contrived)

map.resources :foo_items, :as => :foo

that I originally generated with rspec_scaffold:

ruby script/generate rspec_scaffold foo_item

but when I use the :as attribute in resources to make the URI path  be
'/foo' instead of '/foo_items' the default/generated controller specs
for AdAssetsController become broken e.g.

   it "should be successful" do
     response.should be_success

'FooItemsController route generation should map { :controller =>
'foo_items', :action => 'index' } to /foo_items' FAILED
expected: "/foo_items",
    got: "/foo (using ==)

How can I make my controller spec honor the modified resource?

I searched through rspec group mail list to see if anyone else had
this problem.  Another person asked about it but it was not addressed.
I also poked around the rspec code and documentation before resorting
to mailing the list.


Mike Mondragon
Work> http://sas.quat.ch/
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