[rspec-users] Selenium/Watir usage along side Webrat in story testing

Aslak Hellesøy aslak.hellesoy at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 16:54:04 EDT 2008

If Bryan wraps the webrat API around the Watir API, it can also be  
used against the new kid on the block: http://celerity.rubyforge.org,  
which implements the Watir API backed by JRuby and HTMLUnit - orders  
of magnitudes faster than Watir - and agnostic of webapp architecture  
(http based). This means webrat could be used against e.g. Java webapps.

I'm planning on adding native webrat support to Cucumber (on Github)  
and you can see it in action in Ba (on Gitorious).


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On 9. juni. 2008, at 20.11, Ben Mabey <ben at benmabey.com> wrote:

> Joseph Wilk wrote:
>> Create two classes (this is already what MHS_testing has done for
>> Selenium)
>> ----
>> class RailsSeleniumStory < RailsStory
>> class RailsWebratStory < RailsStory
>> ----
>> Create a common interface for all shared functionailty.
>> (I suspect Webrat represents the smallest set of functionality -
>> Selenium can do everything Webrat can do but not the other way  
>> around).
>> The different UI testing frameworks implement such interface giving
>> Selenium/Webrat/Other UI adapters.
>> You choose which adapter to use by the story class.
>> ...
>> I'm not sure what direction MHS_testing or Rspec-ui are going,  
>> whether
>> they will merge? I'm looking at this problem now and want to start
>> contributing to whatever project is going to be the best fit. So I'm
>> interested to hear:
>> *Feedback/discussion about this direction
>> *Any better ideas of solving the problem
>> *Any other frameworks out there were people have started to look at  
>> this
>> problem.
>> --
>> Joseph Wilk
>> http://www.joesniff.co.uk
> Hey Joseph,
> Have you looked at webrat in github lately?  http://github.com/brynary/webrat/tree/master
> Bryan is abstracting webrat so that different adapters can be  
> plugged into it.. Meaning, the same wrappers/syntax can be used to  
> drive rails, merb, mechanize, etc... I think a selenium or watir  
> adapter for webrat would be awesome.  I'm not too experienced with  
> selenium but it doesn't strike me as being too hard to do.  You make  
> a good point in that webrat is a small subset of what the other JS  
> aware frameworks can do but I think what webrat currently has would  
> handle a lot of the use cases.  One could then perhaps create an  
> extension of webrat's language to form a uniform way of expressing  
> JS/AJAX behaviour.
> The mechanize adapter idea is neat too, because you could then use  
> it to test any website no matter what the implementation is.  I know  
> that part of Bryan's motivation behind the mechanize spike is to  
> eventually use the stories to do performance testing as well.
> This is a problem I'm also interested in but I haven't yet needed to  
> use selenium enough to make me want to do anything about it. :)  I  
> think the selenuim adapter for webrat approach would be a great way  
> to approach this problem though.  What do you think?
> -Ben
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