[rspec-users] RSpec Story - SystemStackError: stack level too deep

Willem van den Ende willem at willemvandenende.com
Sun Jun 8 08:56:47 EDT 2008

Hi Ben,

This is probably not an rspec issue, but a rails defect
( http://dev.rubyonrails.org/ticket/10896 ). 

>From your code, I am assuming you are story testing a Rails app. I was
bitten by this too recently... Took me a while to figure it out. The
workaround is to replace




Looks ugly, but it works. 

On your second question, my guess is the script/install plugin from git
only works as of rails 2.1.0 . At least that is what I understood from


I followed the steps under "Install an RSpec release >= 1.1.4:" and that
worked on 2.0.2 .

Hope this helps,

Willem van den Ende
p.s. I just joined the mailing list and found Ben's question in the
archive. it didn't seem to have an answer yet. apologies for double
posting if it already has
p.s II. I got hooked on story testing after seeing David Chelimsky's
presentation at qcon london this spring. 

On June 5, Ben Men Wrote:
> I have a story that executes the following (as an example to show the
> bug I'm experiencing):
> ----------------------------------------------
>   Given "I have a fake post saved" do
>     @postCount = Post.find(:all).length
>     @post = Post.new
>       @post.employee_id = 123
>     @post.name = "Name of the Post"
>     @post.description = "Description of the Post"
>     @post.save
>   end
>   Given "I have visited some page" do
>     get("/posts/")
>   end
>   When "I get some other page" do
>     get('/posts/'+ at post.id)
>   end
>   Then "my variable should still be set" do
>     Post.find(:all).length.should == 1 + @postCount
>   end
> ----------------------------------------------
> It fails with "SystemStackError: stack level too deep" on the "When I
> get some other page" bit.  If I remove the + at post.id bit, OR if I switch
> the order execution of the Given statements, the story works.  What's
> going on?  Is this a bug, or am I just missing something?
> Additionally, I've tried updating to RSpec Edge by running
> "script/plugin install git://github.com/dchelimsky/rspec", but I keep
> receiving Plugin not found: ["git://github.com/dchelimsky/rspec"].
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