[rspec-users] Rails integration tests without stories

Kyle Hargraves philodespotos at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 16:10:15 EDT 2008

I'm looking to drive the development of a rails app that does nothing
but serve a JSON API. All of the models are well tested elsewhere, so
I needn't worry about that. My only immediate goal is to be able to
fire off requests to a path and check the returned JSON.

I've tried a number of methods for this today, without being
particularly enthused about any of them.

I started with user stories, but the conversion to english was
difficult for something largely developer-facing. "When I get
/widgets/:id" where :id is actually determined behind the scenes did
not read well, and a lot of my expectations were tough to express in
sentence form. I've had a lot of success with stories in the
application that is related to this API, but they don't seem to fit
well here.

I tried out using standard rails test/unit integration tests, but that
would be a suite largely divorced from all of my other specs, and I
miss the :should syntax. Requiring spec/expectations and spec/matchers
alleviated some of that, but
test_names_end_up_being_unpleasantly_long_and_cumbersome. I haven't
yet looked at the test/unit interop support, but maybe that would be
helpful here?

I tried to make an IntegrationExampleGroup akin to the other rails
example groups:

module Spec::Rails::Example
  class IntegrationExampleGroup < ActionController::IntegrationTest
    Spec::Example::ExampleGroupFactory.register(:integration, self)
describe 'GET /widgets', :type => :integration do
  it "should ..." do
    get '/widgets'

This roughly seems to work for the integration tests (I'd still need
to add in transactions, maybe a few other things), but for reasons I
haven't yet figured out means all my other specs try to run within an
integration session.

Finally, I could just test the serialization methods on the model (or
build a WidgetSerializer), and then use mocks in controller specs. But
I'm really looking for full-stack specs here, so I'd like to avoid

Any suggestions? The path of least resistance is probably using the
test/unit tests, followed closely by just sucking it up and having
awkward user stories. My preferred solution would be the
IntegrationExampleGroup, and I may yet get that to work, but I thought
I'd ask here while I sit on it for a bit.



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