[rspec-users] When to send "post" and "get" in blocks.

Maurício Linhares mauricio.linhares at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 23:57:03 EDT 2008

Hi Mike,

You should place the spectation before the "do_method" (a call to a
controller method)  when you are stating that something must happen
inside your controller code, like asserting that some object should
receive a specific method call, like your example, where it's stating
that the Book class should receive the message :find (or should
receive a call to the find method) with :all as a parameter, you place
this before the "do_method" 'cos the call will happen inside the
"do_method", so you have to explain in advance what you spect to see.

And a spectation is placed after a "do_method" when you want to assert
some state after the request is processed, like asserting that the
correct template was rendered, asserting that a non-logged in user
should receive a redirect to the login page or asserting that a
variable will be available for your views. You are doing this after
the "do_method" 'cos only after the controller execution you will have
access to the generated response.

On Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 12:46 AM, Mike Schiller <mike.sch.list at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to RSpec. I have a question about how to write controller specs.
> Here's a code generated by scaffolding (with Rspec).
>     def do_get
>       get :index
>     end
>     it "should be successful" do
>       do_get
>       response.should be_success
>     end
>     it "should render index template" do
>       do_get
>       response.should render_template('index')
>     end
>     it "should find all books" do
>       Book.should_receive(:find).with(:all).and_return([@book])
>       do_get
>     end
>     it "should assign the found books for the view" do
>       do_get
>       assigns[:books].should == [@book]
>     end
>   end
> ###################
> What I don't understand is that, sometimes, "get" is done before an
> expectation(i.e., a line that contains "should"), but other times, the order
> is the opposite.
> In the third spec above, the sentence that has "should" comes first and
> do_get later. In my view, "get :index" needs to be done first to trigger
> "index" action. And the "index" action should trigger
> "Book.should_receive(:find).....". I'm a bit confused about all of this.
> Mike

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