[rspec-users] Mock with an attributes that has state

Matthew Lins mattlins at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 09:06:56 EDT 2008

I'm developing a rails application.  I have an Order model that has_many

I mocked the OrderItem model in my Order specs using mock_model.  I thought
I should focus my specs on each model and always mock associated models.

In my Order model I need a way to merge OrderItems which have the same cost
and same product_id.  That I can spec.

The other thing this merge helper function should do is increment the
quantity of the merged OrderItems.  Below @order_item1 and @order_item4
would be merged into one item with a quantity of 2.

Here are my OrderItems mocks:

    @order_item1 = mock_model(OrderItem, :valid? => true, :product_id => 1,
:cost => 1, :null_object => true)

    @order_item2 = mock_model(OrderItem, :valid? => true, :product_id => 1,
:cost => 2, :null_object => true)

    @order_item3 = mock_model(OrderItem, :valid? => true, :product_id => 2,
:cost => 1, :null_object => true)

    @order_item4 = mock_model(OrderItem, :valid? => true, :product_id => 1,
:cost => 1, :null_object => true)

Here is the spec I wrote to check for the quantity:

    it "should increment the quanity of the merged items" do
      lambda {
      }.should change(@order_item1, :quantity).from(1).to(2)

How do I create an attribute for 'quantity' that has state on my OrderItem

I realize I could do this differently and just do a should_receive on the
OrderItem, looking for '+=' or something, but that doesn't feel right.  I
don't care how it's incremented, I just want to make sure it's changed.



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