[rspec-users] get method under 1.1.4 in Stories is undefined

Ed Howland ed.howland at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 14:06:12 EDT 2008


After I upgraded to RSpec 1.1.4 (from git), my stories all failed. I
was using Webrat and the first thing I noticed was the 'visits' method
was gone. I then backtracked to just using 'get' and got the same
undefined method exception. I confirmed it was still working in 1.1.3

Eventually, I got it to work doing this:

  in my first Given:
    @app = ActionController::Integration::Session.new

  in some When
    @app.get page

  or using Webrat:
     @aop.visits "/"
     @app.fills_in field, :with => value

Anyone els seen this? Why is creating the AIS needed?



Ed Howland

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