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Tue Jul 29 20:45:40 EDT 2008

On Jul 29, 2008, at 12:31 AM, Steve wrote:

> Pat Maddox wrote:
>> etc.  It's super weird that it works in every other place but not
>> here.  So I'd start from the tiniest thing possible and add lines
>> until you find one that breaks it.
>> Pat
> So I went through and took the whole thing apart. It turns out that  
> it is/was a stub issue(just not quite what expected). Prior to  
> calling the shared describe Reservation.find was stubbed to return  
> []. I didn't realize that internally the fixtures collections used  
> find. Now that I do, it all makes sense; since it's just doing what  
> I told it to.
> So in a way my original question still stands. Is there a way to  
> "unstub" something? Because I don't see a way around this unless I  
> can do that. Thanks for your help.

Of course there is a way - the question is, do you really want to use  

Here's how the test suite sets up stubs:

1. you say, stub object foo with method bar, returning baz
2. rspec aliases the original method, and then redefines it bar on foo  
to return baz
3. your test case ends, and then rspec goes back, and re-aliases the  
method to it's original definition.

So yes, you could call the un-stub'ed method (which I believe rspec  
calls #proxied_by_rspec_#{method_name}), although I think it'll be  
ugly and confusing.  But, if you really want to override the  
behaviour, I'd suggest defining something like this:

class Object
   def original_stub(method_name, *args, &blk)
	self.send("proxied_by_rspec_#{method_name}", *args, &blk)

But, I think the best result is just to duplicate the stub.


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