[rspec-users] Problems with mock assigned to a constant

Matt Lins mattlins at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 14:42:14 EDT 2008

Yah, I looked around.  I came out with a better understanding of
rSpec's mocking internals, but no answer to the problem.
I don't need it.  I'll probably end up using FlexMock or Mocha for
future projects anyway.  I'd be happy to file a ticket if you think
it's worthy of one.  It was my first implementation of the spec and I
thought it should work.  I've since refactored with Dave's

I'm not so sure about DI in this scenario.  I couldn't find any decent
examples of it's use in rSpec and I'm happy with what I have now.

Thanks again everyone.

On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 11:28 AM, Pat Maddox <pergesu at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 9:30 AM, Matt Lins <mattlins at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Yes, gist is great!
>> Thank you very much for taking the time to look at this.  I like your
>> suggestions very much and will use them.  At this point I'm just
>> messing around, but I don't understand why this doesn't work.
>> One more bad implementation if you have time:
>> http://gist.github.com/2372
>> I'm removing the constant after each spec runs and redefining it
>> before each runs.  The second spec still doesn't pass though, even
>> though the constant is defined before each spec.
>> Again, I realize this is horrible, but it should still work, no?
> I think you're right, there is something funky going on, and I *think*
> it's something internal to RSpec.  Your code looks like it ought to
> work, and it works in Mocha.  I've poked around a little bit, but
> nothing jumped out at me.
> That said, this is a pretty weird edge case and afaik has not affected
> anything I've ever done.  I can tell you that this is an uber-low
> priority, for me at least, so you'll either have to hope it piques
> someone's curiosity enough to fix, or go ahead and work on a fix
> yourself.
> As you've pointed out, you can do
> class MyModel; end
> MyModel.stub!(:count).and_return 1
> MyModel.stub!(:find).and_return [@record]
> I've just committed a small enhancement that lets you do
> MyModel.stub!(:count => 1, :find => [@record])
> in order to cut down on the noise.
> Download the latest source and build your gem and you're good to go.
> Also, you can do as Scott suggested and use DI.  Then you'd be doing
> something like
> Migration.set_model MyModel
> I agree though that this may not be desirable in some cases.  For
> instance, if the constant name is represented as a string (such as in
> a DB column) then you've now put the burden on client code to do the
> string->constant conversion.
> Pat
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