[rspec-users] Failing on rake but not on textmate (rails)

Macario Ortega lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Jul 24 16:34:35 EDT 2008

Dan Herrera wrote:

> We get failures at times when running specs with rake spec that we
> can't reproduce when running in Textmate.  We came to the conclusion
> that it may have something to do with transactions not rolling back
> before the start of the next test.  So even though the models we
> create should be unique (we create them with some randomness built
> in), we will get validation failures when saving a new record to the
> DB.
> You may want to try turning off transactions with:
>   config.use_transactional_fixtures = false
> and see if that makes a difference.
> We are using Rspec 1.1.4 and PostgreSQL as our db.  Let me know if that 
> helps.
> dan

Thanks, I've tried that and I got four additional failures concerning
Attachment Fu not using the expected path to save the images.

I guess the whole rspec system is very complex.

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