[rspec-users] Specing a rails monkey patch

Keith McDonnell keith at dancingtext.com
Mon Jul 21 04:38:36 EDT 2008

Hi Mikel,

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

 >I'm using cursors to walk a table with close to a million rows at times.
 >I am just wrapping the action in a transaction and then declaring the
 >cursor within the transaction and then walking the table with a
 >find_by_sql with an SQL fetch command.
 >It works well.
 >Any reason you aren't doing it this way?  Could just call it with a 

I /could/ use an SQL cursor but:

- I wanted to write a method that could be re-used by the other 
developers on the team.

- our code base is polluted with SQL, ostensibly for "performance" 
reasons. I'm trying to refactor out unnecessary SQL.

- raw speed is less important that ensuring that the production db 
doesn't crash, ie it doesn't matter if the updates take an hour or two 
once the live site doesn't slow down considerably. Our max # rows is 3.3 

I don't know if these are valid reasons however :)

Thanks for your suggested solution (transaction, cursor, find_by_sql & 
fetch). I'll play around with it & see what I can do. Can't immediately 
envision how to spec it though.


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