[rspec-users] How to run specs AND tests with autotest

David Salgado david at digitalronin.com
Fri Jul 18 06:56:29 EDT 2008

Hi All

I'm using test/unit on a project, at the client's insistence, but I'm
also using rspec stories for integration testing. I notice that as
soon as I install rspec and rspec-rails plugins, autotest no longer
finds my test/unit tests - it just runs specs. Is there a way to make
autotest run *both* specs and test/unit tests?

I've had a look at the autotest code, and it looks as if it should be
possible to do this with clever use of discover.rb files. But,
unfortunately, I'm not clever enough to figure out how!

FYI, ZenTest is version 3.10.0, Rails is 2.1.0, rspec and rspec-rails
are git clones from the github repo as at 2008-07-03.

Thanks in advance


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