[rspec-users] How to do HTTP Basic Authentication in stories with WebRat?

Christopher Bailey chris at cobaltedge.com
Wed Jul 16 19:59:24 EDT 2008

I have a controller that has simple HTTP basic authentication
protecting a bunch of its actions.  How can I authentication/get
around this when creating stories for this controller that I'm driving
via WebRat?  From what I can tell, using "visits" won't work, although
I could directly do "get" and "post" and such and pass a hash of
headers, but of course I then lose all the handiness of using

I'm looking at forking Webrat and adding the similar headers hash
parameter feature to it (this would also help with providing the
referer, so that you can use visits on actions that do "redirect_to
:back"), but prior to me doing that, I wanted to see if there was a
solution I wasn't aware of.

Christopher Bailey
Cobalt Edge LLC

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