[rspec-users] '$' placeholder naming can confuse your runner

Paolo Dona paolo.dona at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 11:16:34 EDT 2008

Hi guys, I'm facing a strange behavior that smells like a bug.

consider this scenario:

Scenario: I'm cool
  Given that I am cool 4 times out of 7

and this step:

Given("that I am cool $n times out of $n_total") do |n, n_total|

When running my story, this step is considered as PENDING.
If I change the name of the second placeholder to $total, the step
runs fine (as it should, given that it's implemented).

My suspect is that when placeholders share a common prefix, the step
cannot be recognized correctly.
Anyone having the same issue?

btw: quoting the placeholders doesn't change this behavior

keep on with the great work,

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