[rspec-users] Colorize story output

Paolo Donà paolo.dona at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 15:31:19 EDT 2008

Hi guys,
running large story files I started missing the red/green output of my
Thus I wrote a small
can pipe the story output to, in order to 'colorize' it..

so instead of:  $ ./stories/all.rb
you can say:   $ ./stories/all.rb | ./colorize
and get pending and failed steps correctly highlighted.

There's a basic support for growl too if found in your path (I ripped off
most of the code from .autotest). That works, but it's certainly not well
integrated into RSpec stories. How would it be the right way to do this?

(if you want to see how the result look like, take a look here:

Paolo Dona'
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