[rspec-users] Does RSpec work nicely with UUID primary keys?

John Knox lists at ruby-forum.com
Sat Jul 5 23:30:17 EDT 2008

Jarkko Laine wrote:
> If you add some new code (without writing new specs for it),
> even in the form of using plugins,  and your existing specs still run,
> it doesn't mean your code is working correctly because you didn't
> write specs for that part of the functionality yet.

That makes a lot of sense, and a useful gotcha to keep in mind. Since 
I'm just in the very early stages of my project, it makes sense for me 
start-over, get my specs working from the beginning, and ensure that 
they still pass after introducing inheritance through the addition of a 
parent class.

Very impressed with the quality of replies on this list. : )
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