[rspec-users] Re-use scenarios from another story file?

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Fri Jul 4 22:20:06 EDT 2008

Zach Dennis wrote:
> A short experience report regarding this thread:
> Early on when stories were introduced to rspec's code base I started 
> using them, and I tried some different techniques to see what the 
> sweet spot was for using stories in actual development. To do some of 
> this I made modifications to rspec (this was before stories were 
> released officially)
> In my experience I found that trying to build up a highly re-usable 
> set of steps caused a lot more overhead, both in the creation of new 
> features and in the maintenance of ongoing development or changes to 
> existing features. In practice has been much easier for me to build 
> reusability in the form of helper methods which sit behind steps, and 
> even to allow yourself to have very simple (even one line) step 
> definitions.
> One problem I noticed I ran into was that I spent too much time trying 
> to organize and group reusable sets of steps. This made it difficult 
> when one story changed in how it did something, but another one did 
> not, and it made my stories rely on several step files (ie: steps_for 
> => [:site_navigation, :project_navigation, :project_creation, etc.]). 
> Sometimes I would end up having to reorganize, or split one step into 
> two, and then go find all places where things would be affected by 
> this, etc.
> I also found that by focusing on this kind of step reusability I was 
> writing much more granular stories (ie: implicit story style). When 
> trying out what is now known as the declarative story style I have 
> found that introducing new features and changing existing features 
> takes much less time when all of my steps for a story are in as few as 
> possible step files (typically just one step file). When I notice that 
> two stories both have a scenario where the implementation of a step is 
> the same, I pull that out into a helper much like David suggested. Now 
> if one of those stories changes, you can change its step w/o affecting 
> any others.
> In summary, don't focus on step reusability across stories, instead 
> pull out helpers while allowing the steps to be defined separately for 
> their respecive stories. This will make it easier to introduce new 
> features and maintain/change existing features over the lifetime of 
> the app.
> HTH,
> Zach

+1.  I have had the exact same experience.  Reusing story steps too 
aggressively tends to lead to awkward stories that have a higher 
maintenance cost for several reasons.

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