[rspec-users] How to detect an attribute rename from a view spec?

Ben Teese ben.teese at shinetech.com
Thu Jul 3 20:23:57 EDT 2008

I'm new to RSpec so excuse me if I'm missing something obvious here. I
recently renamed an attribute on a model, and my generated view spec didn't
detect it. This resulted in a defect going through undetected. Even worse,
I'm not sure how I could reasonably get RSpec to detect such a change. 


I suspect the problem isn't specific to RSpec, but I encountered it whilst
dealing with RSpec and thought this would be a good place to ask for advice.

The details: 


I used RSpec to generate scaffolding for a model we'll call 'Resource'.
Resource has an attribute called 'entity'.

It generated for me a view for a Resource - including its 'entity'
attribute. It also generated a corresponding spec that looked like this:

describe "/resources/index.html.erb" do
  include ResourcesHelper
  before(:each) do
    resource_98 = mock_model(Resource)
  it "should render list of resources" do
    render "/resources/index.html.erb"
    response.should have_tag("tr>td", "MyString", 2)

It also generated a fixture and model spec, which I tweaked as follows:

describe Resource do
   fixtures :resources
  it "should have an entity" do
    resources(:one).entity.should == 'MyString'

Both specs pass. Excuse the lame model spec - I'm about to get to the point.

Next I decided I wanted to rename the 'entity' attribute to 'entities'. My
model spec failed, so I fixed it. However, the view spec didn't fail. It
expected that the view would call 'entity' on the mock Resource - and this
was indeed still the case.

However, when I went and actually looked at the page, it died - the 'entity'
attribute didn't exist anymore on the model.

I'm not sure how I could have picked that up with an automated test. 

Any ideas?




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