[rspec-users] Odd Date-based spec failing

Matt Darby matt at matt-darby.com
Tue Jul 1 08:06:18 EDT 2008

On Jul 1, 2008, at 2:10 AM, Pat Maddox wrote:

> What do you see when you puts the values of end_date, start_date, and
> Date.today inside of #percentage_complete?

When run via TextMate/Rspec Bundle:
Date.today = 2008-07-01
self.start_date = 2008-06-26
self.end_date = 2008-07-02

When run via 'rake spec:models'
Date.today = 2008-07-01
self.start_date = 0825-09-17
self.end_date = 2008-07-02

Pretty obvious what the bug is suddenly, but would cause this?
Come to think of it, I'd seen this before in rare random cases in  
other Date-based specs in the past, though currently everything else  
is passing.
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