[rspec-users] Textmate RSpec Bundle 'it' snippet

Edvard Majakari edvard at majakari.net
Tue Jan 29 08:43:55 EST 2008

> Not if you fill it out...and the BDD way is to write one example at a
> time, not a complete spec beforehand.

I've done it this way too (being lazy), but is it really good thing?
Often I get more insight on how an interface should look like,
if I think even superficially what kinds of services an object should
offer. Thus I _think_ that writing a TODO-list in spec form
(marking all as pending) and starting to pick up those that you want
to do. Is this really considered non-BDDish by the authoritatives?

If I remember correctly, Dave Astels wrote something along these lines
in his book Test Driven Development
(reminding that BDD is TDD done right): create a TODO list of small
tasks to do, related to roles of the object, and pick something
start writing tests.

IMO, if you don't think of the features at all and just start to spec
completely some single functionality, you risk rewriting that test
many times
when you add new tests for other methods on the same object, no?

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