[rspec-users] OT local version control?

Dan North tastapod at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 17:00:50 EST 2008

I can see this descending into a mercurial vs git religious war :)

Hi Corey. I'm using mercurial for both home and work use (supplementing some
of subversion's shortcomings, mainly around merging). I looked (briefly) at
git and - less briefly - at darcs. I settled on mercurial for purely
non-scientific reasons. People whose opinions I respect are using it, the
community seems both accommodating and active, and it's python which means
it runs anywhere python lives, which is all of my home and work

Others on this list - including the lovely David - are using git and having
just as much fun and productivity, so I'm sure it comes down to a matter of
taste in the end.

The big shift, though, is from centralised to distributed source control.
This means that any working copy is also a full repository in its own right,
so you can do everything you would usually need the server for: branching,
tagging, cloning, logging, checking in, rolling back, etc. This page (
http://tinyurl.com/ykcs25) from the Mercurial wiki gives a pretty good
overview. The basic model will be the same for any of the distributed SCMs.

My experience so far is:

git: insanely fast, made up of many shell scripts, big command set, does
/BIG/ repositories (currently used for the entire linux kernel), doesn't run
on windows.
darcs: also fast, written in haskell so less "hackable". Has best
cherry-picking support (choosing out-of-sequence changesets). Apparently
doesn't do so well under biiig repositories.
mercurial: also fast (seeing a pattern here?). Seems to scale well. Has
(deliberately) svn/cvs-like command set where it can, so easy to adopt. This
is where I've ended up.
monotone: the first distributed scm I came across (Dave Astels was using it
before any of the rest of us had heard of distributed scm). Never really
used it much.

At the end of the day it will be a personal preference. But whichever you
end up with, my prediction is that you'll enjoy it much more than


On 27/01/2008, Corey Haines <coreyhaines at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, all,
> This isn't about rspec, but this list has people whose opinions I respect.
> So, I'm looking for a new version control system for my local development.
> I was going to install subversion, but I've heard rumors of people using
> some newer ones. Thoughts? I'd like to be able to run it either locally or
> on a home server. If I run it off a home server, then it needs to support
> offline access, so that I can use a cached version when I'm not on my home
> network. For simplicity's sake, running it locally is probably a better
> solution.
> What do you all use?
> -Corey
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