[rspec-users] Changing rspec directory structure

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Sat Jan 26 17:34:46 EST 2008

Will Sargent wrote:
>> I'd go one further than Pat Maddox's point: If your unit specs aren't
>> going to touch the database, then you really ought to be running a
>> tier of more integrated tests on your workstation before every checkin
>> (and again on the CI server).  For obvious reasons, purely mock-based
>> unit tests/specs can and eventually will lie to you about your objects
>> actually being ready to work together, so don't trust them to tell you
>> about more than what the unit being spec'd does.
> I like the idea of running integration tests before every checkin, but
> I've heard too many horror stories of it taking 30 minutes or more
> before a checkin actually happens.  We have integration tests that are
> going out to external systems, so it's a single example set can take a
> full minute -- and this is right now.
> I very much want integration tests to be run on the CI server on every
> checkin.  The last place I set this up has a test suite that last for
> 90 minutes though, so it's very much a correctness vs convenience
> thing.
> Incidentally, when is cruisecontrol.rb going to have a 'testing' tab
> that shows passed and failed tests like TextMate?  The stack trace is
> _ugly_.
Are you just talking about the HTML formatted specs that textmate uses?  
You can already get that with cruisecontrol.rb... All you have to do is 
have tech spec command output a html file.


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