[rspec-users] Changing rspec directory structure

Will Sargent will.sargent at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 16:06:01 EST 2008

> I'd go one further than Pat Maddox's point: If your unit specs aren't
> going to touch the database, then you really ought to be running a
> tier of more integrated tests on your workstation before every checkin
> (and again on the CI server).  For obvious reasons, purely mock-based
> unit tests/specs can and eventually will lie to you about your objects
> actually being ready to work together, so don't trust them to tell you
> about more than what the unit being spec'd does.

I like the idea of running integration tests before every checkin, but
I've heard too many horror stories of it taking 30 minutes or more
before a checkin actually happens.  We have integration tests that are
going out to external systems, so it's a single example set can take a
full minute -- and this is right now.

I very much want integration tests to be run on the CI server on every
checkin.  The last place I set this up has a test suite that last for
90 minutes though, so it's very much a correctness vs convenience

Incidentally, when is cruisecontrol.rb going to have a 'testing' tab
that shows passed and failed tests like TextMate?  The stack trace is

> Our commit rake task looks something like this:
> * svn up
> * run unit specs
> * bring the dev database up to date (we blow it away and rebuild from scratch)
> * spec (the Spec::Rails task, which depends on db:test:prepare,
> cloning the test db from the dev schema)
> In the /unit spec_helper, we load the rspec plugin, but not
> rspec_on_rails, ARBS in place of ActiveRecord and (for now at least)
> require ActiveSupport and the ActionPack but don't actually load the
> rails environment, which shaves off a second or two.  (That second or
> two isn't a big deal when running rake, but it's great in TextMate
> when running just one spec.  It feels pretty much instantaneous.)

That sound really good.  I like TextMate's integration with RSpec.
I'm just using Unitrecord right now and mocking access to db
operations in the unit tests.  It's working fine for me so far.  I'm
using fixture_replacement for the integration tests.  I read the
Factory pattern that Jay Fields is implementing, but I'm not sure it's
worth the effort to set up.

One thing I have noticed is that moving the specs from the normal
directory structure means that I have to specify the type directly,

describe FooController, 'unit tests: ', :type => :controller do


Not a huge deal, but a bit of a surprise.


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