[rspec-users] DRYing up stories

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Thu Jan 24 10:29:21 EST 2008

I actually really like this idea.  Very neat.  Like David said the only 
problem might be being able to see where the failure occurred.  I think 
that this problem could be solved or at least mitigated with some sort 
of custom matcher though (maybe even a simple one.) 
This solves the baseline case for me.  The other problem I am having is 
that based on a certain model's settings the type of user's who have 
access to it varies.  So I could just add an additional Given describing 
that condition... but I may still have a combinatorial explosion on the 
amount of stories needed to explain every case.. But I think this 
approach will work nicely for the time being so I'll try it out.  Thanks 
for the idea.


Neil M. Young wrote:
> some interesting viewpoints so far. How do people feel about something like
> this:
> Given every type of user
> When they visit account/manage
> Then only Admins and Managers should get access
> Given("every type of user") do
>   @users = {
>     :admin => new_admin, 
>     :manager => new_manager, 
>     :supervisor => new_supervisor, 
>     :reviewer => new_reviewer, 
>     :user => new_user
> }
> end
> When("they visit $url") do |url|
>   @url = url
> end
> Then("only $allow_list should get access") do |allow_list|
>   allow_list = allow_list.split(' and ').collect {|x|
> x.downcase.singularize.intern}
>   allow_list.each do |x| 
>     user = @users.delete(x)
>     # log user in
>     get @url
>     response.should_not be_redirect
>   end
>   @users.each do |x|
>     #log user in
>     get @url
>     response.should redirect_to("not_authorised")
>   end
> end
> any major BDD violations there? I personally don't mind the somewhat complex
> steps because as Ben pointed out, the plain text stories are more manageable
> this way and still very readable. 
> Neil M. Young wrote:
>> I'm finding that I'm writing sets of very similar scenarios to check
>> access permissions for each of my actions.
>> snip

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