[rspec-users] Meridian case

Keith McDonnell keith at dancingtext.com
Thu Jan 24 06:40:47 EST 2008

Hi there,

I have a *really* weird issue with rspec on rails:

Given a time meridian formatted using %p

When I run `rake spec` the time meridian is converted to lower case:

expected: "Today 08:00 PM",
      got: "Today 08:00 pm"

Yet when I run `rake spec:models` and `spec -cfs app/models` the specs 
pass, ie the the time meridian is in upper case.

Anyone got any ideas how I can troubleshoot this one ? I'm using rails 
1.2.3, ruby 1.8.6, i686-darwin8.10.1, RSpec-1.0.6 (r2183)

Thanks in advance.


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