[rspec-users] autotest problem?

Corey Haines coreyhaines at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 12:41:41 EST 2008

I'm hoping someone on this list will be able to help. I just updated
zentest, rspec plugin and rspec_on_rails plugin, and I get the following
exception when I run autotest. I realize that the -O is causing the problem,
but I'm not sure how to get it not to pass it. Also, it seems strange that
it is going through the Test::Unit runner, unless that is because of the
recent work to get rspec compatible with Test::Unit?

Exception below

c:\ruby\bin\ruby -rrubygems -e "require 'redgreen'"  -S script/spec -O
spec/spec.opts  spec/controllers/coupon_controlle
r_spec.rb spec/models/coupon_spec.rb spec/helpers/coupon_helper_spec.rb
invalid option: -O
Test::Unit automatic runner.
Usage: -e [options] [-- untouched arguments]

    -r, --runner=RUNNER              Use the given RUNNER.
                                     (c[onsole], f[ox], g[tk], g[tk]2, t[k])
    -b, --basedir=DIR                Base directory of test suites.
    -w, --workdir=DIR                Working directory to run tests.
    -a, --add=TORUN                  Add TORUN to the list of things to run;
                                     can be a file or a directory.
    -p, --pattern=PATTERN            Match files to collect against PATTERN.
    -x, --exclude=PATTERN            Ignore files to collect against
    -n, --name=NAME                  Runs tests matching NAME.
                                     (patterns may be used).
    -t, --testcase=TESTCASE          Runs tests in TestCases matching
                                     (patterns may be used).
    -I, --load-path=DIR[;DIR...]     Appends directory list to $LOAD_PATH.
    -v, --verbose=[LEVEL]            Set the output level (default is
                                     (s[ilent], p[rogress], n[ormal],
        --                           Stop processing options so that the
                                     remaining options will be passed to the
    -h, --help                       Display this help.

Deprecated options:
        --console                    Console runner (use --runner).
        --gtk                        GTK runner (use --runner).
        --fox                        Fox runner (use --runner).

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