[rspec-users] Spam Protection

David Richards rspec at showcase60.com
Fri Jan 18 13:03:43 EST 2008

I was disgruntled with the amount of spam I was getting, so I started  
setting up accounts for the various mailing lists I listen to.  I use  
rspec at showcase60.com to read the mail here.  Along with the rspec  
news that comes over this channel, I'm getting more and more spam  
addressed to this same account, which means that the open way this  
list passes around email addresses is being read or fed to spammers.

I suggest we rethink our mailing lists so that we're not also  
subjecting RSpec enthusiasts with tips on various medical  
enhancements and financial products.  Maybe we should use a Google  
group instead, where they don't broadcast email addresses in open  
formats with their services.  Maybe someone else has a better idea  
about this.


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