[rspec-users] RSpec stories introduction

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Tue Jan 15 20:18:52 EST 2008

I can get to the RSpec list through ruby-forum.  Yes!  The things you 
discover googling for help!

I followed the advice to go to peepcode.com, which was somewhat ironic 
because that is where I started to look last week, before episode 18 for 
RSpec-Stories was released. However, better late than never.

So I have followed the video through to the end, twice, and have a much 
better idea of where I am going now.  I added fixture_replacement to my 
project as well.

I have yet to deeply consider what directory structure makes sense for 
stories and their associated steps scripts, so I will leave everything 
in ./stories for now.  I have adopted a recommended practice of calling 
things in the form X_story.txt and X_step.rb however.

The rake file example given above is very helpful. Thanks!

I wrote up a primitive aide memorie for stories and steps which I will 
post here when I have more confidence that it actually describes what is 
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