[rspec-users] .html.erb files and autotest

Kero van Gelder rspec-users at kero.tmfweb.nl
Mon Jan 14 19:46:46 EST 2008

> The benefit of doing that is it spots files that you may not have
> spec'd that you want spec'd. On the flip side you end up with a bunch
> of noise but you can eliminate that w/ the :initialize hook:
> Autotest.add_hook :initialize do |at|
>   at.add_exception 'some_file_i_want_ignored'
> end
> That goes in .autotest in the root of your project, where you type the
> autotest command.

I'm probably too much of a Ruby coder, but an Exception is an existing
Ruby class. add_exception seems strange to me.

How about at.except, at.ignore_file or at.ignore ?
I like the last one best.


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