[rspec-users] How to trace running spec

Kero van Gelder rspec-users at kero.tmfweb.nl
Sun Jan 13 21:47:01 EST 2008

> > I have a spec that is hanging when it is running.
> >
> > How do I get the rspec runner to show what specs it's running so I can 
> > which one is hanging?  I am calling the runner from my rails project.
> Which formatter ate you using?  If you use the specdoc formatter it will 
> output the specs as it goes so you can tell where it is hanging.  Also, 
> there is a profiling one that will list the slowest specs.  Run "spec 
> -h" for more info.

Though a formatter is no listener (or is it?), it seems to act like one.
Steps do not tell their listeners when they are started, only when they
are finished. 

Assuming a known order, you can figure out which step hangs, but it is
not the one listed last (it's the one after that...)

Another reason to have s step_started method in listeners, is to format
(tell the customer) about a step *before* the step is executed, such that
the customer knows what will happen, instead of heard what has just

Time to write a ticket on lighthouse?


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