[rspec-users] Role of stories vs specs, revisited

Jay Donnell jaydonnell at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 12 00:28:14 EST 2008

> If you were to rename deposit to credit, and withdraw to debit

I'm more concerned with adding a parameter or changing the default value of a parameter. My fear is that given enough time and size there will be a fair number of inconsistent mocks or mocks that aren't doing any real testing. It feels a bit like forced exception handling in java.

> User stories represent some facet of behavior which, once completed,
> provides value to the customer.  In short, working software.  By
> definition, then, stories must use real production implementations of
> objects instead of mocks.  This means they work quite nicely as
> integration tests as well.

Does anyone know of any open source ruby apps (preferably rails) that use good BDD so I can see how it's done right rather than ask a bunch of questions?

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