[rspec-users] changes in rspec's trunk and autotest

Tim Glen tim at pivotib.com
Fri Jan 11 10:45:11 EST 2008

since i'm on rspec trunk, I applied your patch and ran into a little  
issue. All my specs still run but it seems to be looking at and  
"attempting" all of my hidden files and directories (and some other  
stuff too?):
Dunno! Capfile
Dunno! app/helpers/.svn/format
Dunno! app/views/sales/.svn/text-base/edit.html.erb.svn-base
Dunno! tmp/sessions/.svn/dir-prop-base
Dunno! app/helpers/.svn/README.txt
Dunno! app/helpers/.svn/wcprops/stores_helper.rb.svn-work
Dunno! app/views/users/.svn/entries
Dunno! app/.DS_Store
Dunno! app/controllers/.svn/prop-base/users_controller.rb.svn-base
Dunno! app/views/markets/.svn/wcprops/index.html.erb.svn-work
Dunno! spec/views/markets/.svn/text-base/new.html.erb_spec.rb.svn-base
Dunno! app/views/stores/.svn/wcprops/index.html.erb.svn-work
Dunno! tmp/cache/.svn/format
Dunno! app/views/districts/.svn/dir-wcprops
Dunno! .svn/wcprops/Capfile.svn-work
Dunno! spec/views/markets/.svn/wcprops/edit.html.erb_spec.rb.svn-work

Like I said, my specs still run, so things aren't broken per se but  
this behaviour doesn't really seem right to me. Is this happening for  
anyone else or am I some sort of edge case?

take care,

On 10-Jan-08, at 10:29 PM, David Chelimsky wrote:

> This applies to anyone using rspec's trunk from >= 3220 with ZenTest  
> <= 3.7.2.
> Anyone else, feel free to move on....
> The next release of ZenTest, coming soon, includes some changes that
> improve the relationship between Autotest, it's subclasses (like those
> in rspec) and .autotest, the file that you can use to plug into
> autotest's hooks to extend/modify it's behaviour.
> Previously, subclasses got loaded after .autotest, causing changes to
> test_mappings and exceptions to be overridden. With the next release,
> the load order is corrected so anything in .autotest will be processed
> after Autotest::Rspec or Autotest::RailsRspec is loaded.
> I committed changes to RSpec's trunk r3220 that will break your
> current autotest configuration. If it does, you can apply this patch
> (http://pastie.caboo.se/138024) to your local copy of ZenTest
> (assuming you're up to 3.7.2) and all should be right with the world.
> Again - this is ONLY for people who are following RSpec's trunk and
> using autotest.
> Cheers,
> David
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