[rspec-users] Story teardowns?

Andreas Axelsson Andreas.Axelsson at combination.se
Fri Jan 11 05:20:15 EST 2008

> > Does the plain text story framework support teardowns? There doesn't
> seem to
> > be anywhere to put an "after" method. My stories test an application
> which
> > parses and modifies a directory tree, which is currently generated in
> a
> > Given-clause, and I want it to be deleted after each story. (I don't
> mind if
> > the stories take a few seconds to run, the specs are still fast)
> >
> There is no such feature (yet). For now I'd stick this in a Given that
> you use at the beginning of each scenario, for example:
> Given "the stash is in a clean state" do
>   # yank any old residual gunk here
> end

Thanks, that's how I solved it for now.


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