[rspec-users] Missing methods

James Deville james.deville at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 20:27:41 EST 2008

We have a custom implementation of the Mother Object idea. It's inside  
of a module, basically like this:

module Factory
	%w(account friendship person invitation message asset email_address  
birth).each do |klass|
		eval <<-EOF
		def self.create_#{klass}(attributes = {})
			default_attributes = valid_#{klass}_attributes
			#{klass.camelize}.create! default_attributes.merge(attributes)

	def valid_message_attributes(options = {})
		#some message options

	#more valid_x_attributes methods

When I require this file in a spec file, Factory.create_person works  
fine. When I try to do it in a step file, Factory.create_person is  
defined, but it fails because valid_person_attributes is missing. If  
I'm in a debugger, and I do require 'model_factory' followed by  
Factory.create_person, same deal.

Do we have a blank slate being loaded somewhere, and why is it wiping  
out require files?


James Deville
james.deville at gmail.com
rspec r3172
rspec_on_rails r3172
rails r8331

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