[rspec-users] Cookie Session Store Not Working in Safari

Glenn Ford glenn at aldenta.com
Wed Jan 2 23:19:39 EST 2008

Here's the steps I followed:

Generated the test code
rails test
mate test
cd test
script/generate scaffold thing
rake db:create

Modified things_controller.rb index and new:
def index
def new
	session[:user] = 5

Set index.html.erb to:
Hello! <%= session[:user] %>
<%= link_to 'New thing', new_thing_path %>


Now when I go to the page in FireFox, I see "Hello" on the screen.   
Clicking the link gives me "Hello 5" on my screen.  This is expected.

However, when I go to Safari, I only ever see "Hello" and never "Hello  
5".  I have, in the Safari preferences, accept cookies set to "Accept  
All".  I've checked everything I can think of to make sure nothing is  
blocking it.

I've inspected the session and the only thing I can find is that the  
Session ID for the Safari requests is a new 32 character string for  
every request, and for FireFox requests it's the same 128 character  
string for every request.

I'm using Ruby on Rails 2.0.2.  I hope I'm not forgetting some other  
useful piece of info.

How do I get this to work for me in Safari?

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