[rspec-users] bad specs better than none?

Kero rspec-users at kero.tmfweb.nl
Thu Feb 28 23:30:33 EST 2008

> Here's my theory.
You remind me of the four stages of learning

> Ranked, in ascending order of desirability:
> No tests
> Green suite, poor tests
Unconsciously Incompetent

> Red suite, poor tests
Consciously Incompetent

> Red suite, quality tests
Consciously Competent

> Green suite, quality tests
Unconsiously Competent

where the fourth stage flows back into the first stage, either
because you stop learning, get stuck ("vastgeroest" in Dutch), and cease to be competent, or
because you pick up new, additional things, and therefor have to start at the first stage again.


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